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Charmian Carr

Liesl:  Charmian Carr who found fame as the eldest Von Trapp child, travelled for two years promoting the film and also did a TV pilot for 20th Century Fox.  When she got married, acting took a back seat as she and her husband started a family.  Divorced in 1991, she lives in California and has two daughters, Jenny 30, and Emily, 27. In 1976 Charmian became a full-time interior designer and later spent five years working for Michael Jackson helping him to create his mini Disney-land in Encino.
Nicholas Hammond

Friedrich: Nicholas Hammond is a actor, writer and director who lives in Australia.  He pursued an acting career after The Sound of Music, with leading roles in Lost in Yonkers and Woman In Mind with the Sydney Theatre Company, and has made appearances in feature films including Superdad, Emerald City and Frauds.  He also starred in the seventies TV series The Amazing Spiderman and has appeared in numerous mini-series in Australia.

Heather Menzies

Louisa:  Heather Menzies pursued her own acting career, having appeared on Broadway and numerous roles in movies and on television including ‘Logans Run’. She was married to the late actor Robert Urich and raised three children, Ryan, Emily and Alison. Today she works tirelessly for the Urich Sarcoma Fund.

Duane Chase

Kurt: Duane Chase gave up acting after high school, although he did appear in a string of commercials.  He pursued a career in geology, prospecting for uranium in West Texas and working for the Alabama State geological service.  He is now a computer buff for a manufacturer in Seattle and is married to nurse.

Angela Cartwright

Brigitta:  Angela Cartwright was known for her television role as Linda on the Danny Thomas Show and after The Sound of Music clinched a prime role as Penny Robinson in the long running TV series Lost In Space.  She lives an artistic life, creating art, designing clothes for her own art.wear line, taking photographs and authoring books and articles. She married in 1976, has two grown children and one grandchild. Her latest book Styling The Stars: Lost Treasures From The Twentieth Century Fox Archive will be available in Fall 2014.

Debbie TUrner

Marta:  Debbie Turner was a seasoned commercial actor before she landed the role of Marta.  After the film she finished school and attended USC.  After college she moved to Utah, to ski. There she met her husband, Rick.  Before long they moved to Minnesota and where they have raised their four daughters. Debbie, who studied art and design, is an internationally renowned floral designer.

Kym Karath

Gretl:  Kym Karath was only five when she appeared as the youngest of the Von Trapps, but had already appeared in the film Spencer’s Mountain with Henry Fonda in 1963.  After The Sound of Music she went on to guest star in television programs including The Waltons and The Brady Bunch.  She moved to France and married but returned to the United States to raise her son Eric. Today she spearheads The Aurelia Foundation for special needs adults and pursues a career in production and acting.

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